How You Look is the Least Interesting Thing About You!

This week, I have been thinking a lot about my own physical health, as I have been a bit busy lately and I may not be prioritizing my health as I normally do. I am not concerned about my look, it is more about staying healthy so that, as the school year starts and my life gets busier than normal, I don’t find myself getting sick or worse. Then I came across this quote today! And…it just resonates with every thing I have been thinking lately!

So many of us women (and probably men too) worry too much about how we look. Yes, we all want to show up as our best selves, but society has put so much pressure on us to be the thinnest, the skinniest…and if we are not, we should not feel great about ourselves! I have someone very close to me who is in constant worry about her weight and how she looks. I feel very frustrated with her, because she will not listen to anyone who tells her that she looks just fine and being healthy is way more important than being skinny. I also feel very sad…as I try to put myself in her position and think, “how awful life must be when you are in constant worry about something like this”.

Women’s Health Magazine states, “Women with a positive body image are more likely to have good physical and mental health. Girls and women with negative thoughts and feelings about their bodies are more likely to develop certain mental health conditions, such as eating disorders and depression.” Think about this for a moment….I read this to say that body image is one of the biggest factors in our own mental and physical health! Think about how much impact it has on one’s confidence level…you could be the smartest, most talented person in the room, but if you have a negative body image, will you step up and share your talents with the world????

As we evolve and learn to support each other, I say, let’s stop worrying about what a person looks like, and embrace the gifts that others have to share with the world. Let’s stop focusing on spending tons of money on hair extensions, eye lashes, plastic surgery, and let’s embrace the fact of aging gracefully! Let’s teach our own daughters that they can create a life they dream of living, no matter what society says a woman’s body should look like! Just a few of my thoughts to think about! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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  1. Thanks a lot Cherri, that s a perfect subject to discuss in today’s world, and that was a wonderful advice to offer.

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