Patience in a World of Instant Gratification

I was out for a steamy run this morning. I think this is one of those years when Houston forgot Spring and jumped from Winter to Summer. As I was out there, so many thoughts were going in my mind. The Fence Guy and I were having a conversation recently about our future workout room, and he mentioned he would want a treadmill. Now, if you have read my posts, I avoid the treadmill at all costs, but today, with the sun beating down in the 85 degree 10:30 am morning, with feel like temperatures already at 90, the treadmill crossed my mind. But, I gave myself the little pep talk that I always do when uncomfortable (ok girl, you can do this, let’s just think about one step at a time…you will be finished in no time) and I made it through the run!

I married very young. And, as we transitioned to our first home (an efficiency apartment for our family of three), I wanted it all…and I wanted it all NOW! I remember thinking, why can’t we have a house, like our parents, and why can’t we have the car we want…I knew in my mind that being a college student, a new wife, a mom, having a husband that was working hours just to get food on our table, and me working full time to pay bills, we were not at the place where we could have it all right then….and that is when I had to learn the lesson of patience.

So many times in my 50 years, I look back and think about how I had to remind myself of the same saying I said on my run today, one step at a time, so that I could keep myself motivated and on track, and from making a serious mistake in wanting it all in the moment. But, it is not easy…the world is a different place these days…all the social media posts with people flaunting how they have it all! It makes it hard to find the patience!

So how do we stay patient in the world of instant gratification? How do we remember, when we want something so badly, that we must put the work in? Here are my thoughts:

  • When I am in the thick of it all and wanting something more than anything, I step back and remember, what lasts in life comes from the time and hard work you put in. Sure, we see people who win that lottery…those that find the trick to going viral, but does that produce benefits in the long run? I have known people who have literally won the lottery, and too soon later, the money is gone because they had the itch for the instant gratification.
  • In my career, I have had many leadership opportunities, which landed in my lap right at the right time. However, I have known others who have landed that “dream” job with little effort and experience….and then they have failed. Leading is a very difficult job and if you are not putting in the work to prepare yourself for when times get hard, how will you be able to persevere and do your best? I wanted to be on the fast track in my career as well…and to some extent, I was…but at this point, I have also learned, you cannot take on the job if you are not well prepared….or it will lead to disaster in the end.
  • As I am working to start my online coaching and consulting business, I find myself thinking, if I could only have this done now! If I could only have a business that I could focus on full time so I can quit my day job. If only I could make the money I know will eventually come…NOW! And….with anything online….I want all of the followers…NOW! But, again, I have to remember that with anything worth anything and will stand the test of time, putting in the work is the only way to get there. One step at a time.

I am not sure about you, but as a person who can be quite impatient at times, I want it all and I want it all NOW! Finding ways to remind myself, in a world where everything is NOW, to take it all one step at a time. Put in the work….because in the end, the work will take care of you! Until next time! ❤️ Cheri

**On a side note….today, we announced the launch of A Girl and Her Dog Coaching and Consulting! So excited for the great things coming soon! If you are interested in learning more, head over to my Facebook page,, to see the announcement and join our private group! 😊

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