Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance….or is it? April 17, 2021

As you have read, I knew I wanted to be an educator early in my life. I had teachers that had quite an impact on my life throughout my years in school and I knew I wanted to be able to make a difference for kids….so that they could do whatever they wanted in life, even when it seemed impossible. Just like my own students, I believed my teachers LIVED at school….and once I became a teacher, I learned that teachers really do! It has been the GREATEST experience in my life, but also one of the most challenging as well!

In the life of a principal, a typical day does not begin at 8:00 am! I begin receiving messages from staff at 6 am every work day! I arrive on campus by 7, and the fun begins! By 4 pm, when all of the students and some of the staff have gone home and it quiets down on campus, that is when I wrap up my work (and even sometimes bring it home). Weekends are much quieter, but you never know when we may have a pop up meeting with the superintendent, and I always catch up on emails, write the weekly Monday Memo, and update my calendar for the week on Sunday afternoon! And now with the pandemic….yikes….sometimes we work around the clock on a Friday night if a new COVID case pops up!

So, finding work-life balance can be a challenge! Of course, my work and amount of time given to the job was one of the biggest reasons my ex-husband felt he needed out of the marriage. But, it is hard to plan a “normal” social life when you just never know what amount of time you can truly commit.

However, I pledge to all of my followers…this is definitely an area that I will continue to work on! I want to follow my true motto…work hard, play hard! I have dreams of doing exciting, fun things on the weekends so that I too can experience all life has to offer! Here are a few things I truly enjoy doing and look to find time to participate as often as I can….

  • Concerts – Yes, I am a hard rock girl! But I also enjoy broadening my horizons and attending bands my daughter enjoys also.
  • Sporting events – football games when the Texans have a decent season (will that ever happen again????), college basketball (especially during tournament time), or a good Astros game!
  • Hanging with friends at a new restaurant or brewery!
  • A good wine tasting or event (you can never pass on a good glass of wine!).
  • Shopping with my daughter!
  • And soon, I will be decorating my new home! – another one of my true passions in life!

Now that I am fully vaccinate (yay!), and the world is going back to some kind of normal, I do anticipate many more exciting life adventures ahead! And, of course, my work in education will continue to stay on the forefront! How could it not…when you are making a difference in the lives of children, having a career that you love, and enjoying a team that makes the work fun and rewarding!

From left to right: Kelly (assistant principal), Tammie (counselor), myself, Ernestine (instructional specialist) – My team who I cannot live without!

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