Muscles in the Mid-Life

Two years ago, during Half Marathon training, I did a little something to my knee. I was trying to be a rock star, and when I turned a certain way during a cross training activity, I felt a little pop…and all of a sudden, I was a person in the mid-life with a knee problem!Continue reading “Muscles in the Mid-Life”

Who needs the internet anyway?????

Hey all! What a couple of weeks it has been! I cannot tell you how busy finalizing everything on the house and moving has been! I woke up this morning and realized that my vacation is about to be over and all I have done is moved! Now, I have to say…I am LOVING thisContinue reading “Who needs the internet anyway?????”

Treadmill or Outside Running??

As you know by now, I am originally from north central Iowa…20 minutes south of the Minnesota border. Although we experience VERY cold winters, we have the BEST summers…well, except this year…yes, they set an all time record high this past week! I have always dabbled in running, and back in college as a PEContinue reading “Treadmill or Outside Running??”