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Self Care 101 – April 15, 2021

In addition to knowing I wanted to be a teacher, I also believed that I would be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, drive a red corvette, and wear glamorous shoes and clothes when I grew up! I didn’t plan to have children, as my school kids would serve that purpose. I definitely had a reality check, when my beautiful daughter was born! She was the best surprise I have ever received! She truly changed my life forever! I was now in the world to ensure she had the best life ever!

Throughout her childhood years…and even into the young adulthood, I vowed to be the best mom I could be! I had a challenging relationship with my own mother, and I wanted to be the “mommy” I never had! I devoted my life to her!

I also wanted to ensure that my marriage was solid. Many people who marry young never make it…and I did not want to be one of those statistics. I did everything to take care of everything in our home and in our life…

One thing I had to learn through this journey is…you have to love and take care of yourself! Don’t lose yourself, your identity even when you become something important to someone else. Make you an important person in your life! And know, it is NOT being selfish!

Here is what I learned that I love about me!

  • I am healthy! I know how to eat well, best ways to exercise for me, and balance all things in moderation.
  • I have a great sense of style! Shoes, professional attire as needed, weekend wardrobes…outfits for out on the town….and did I mention shoes????
  • I am turning 50 in one month….and my students at my school believe I am 30!!!!!! They love me, so of course they want to flatter me as often as possible…but seriously, I know that I do not look, act, or feel 50!
  • I am a GREAT dog mom! My Oakley is spoiled…and I am ok with that! He is living his best life and I would not want it any other way!
  • My most favorite person in the world is my daughter! And, we have built a wonderful relationship over the years! I am so proud of who she has become…and my part in helping her become who she is!
  • My friends and I are solid! I have a GREAT group people who I can count on, spend time with, and catch up with…even after time apart! They are my Texas family! I am a lucky girl!

I hope my journey in self care can inspire you to make yourself a priority! I will share my tips, experiences, and challenges here with you every week! Looking forward to our adventures together!

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