My Why

Writing this book is a dream come true! I cannot tell you how often I stop myself and ask…is this really true? I have a book coming out? How did this happen?

I will tell you how this happened…because although it was a bit of a surprise, it was really because of hard work and perseverance, and the desire to never give up, that this chapter came into existence. As a little girl, growing up in a small town, I had a lot of hopes and dreams. I even dreamt that one day I would become one of the “famous” Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders…sorry Houston….I was young and didn’t know better yet! 🤪 One of my dreams WASN’T to start a family one day. I had a hard relationship with my biological mother and to me, I felt that I didn’t know how to be a good mom, didn’t know what one looked like, acted like, or how to care for another. But, one day, surprise…there she was! My beautiful daughter! And my whole being changed! Now, I was young (not as young as some) and although so many people I knew would have given up on their hopes and dreams and adjusted to a life that was “handed” to them, I wasn’t going to settle for that!

Make sure to get Unleash Her, releasing October 25, 2022, on Amazon so that you can hear about my journey and how I did accomplish my dreams and goals…and am still going strong as a woman who lives life unapologetically! ❤️

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