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Home 101 – April 14, 2021

I am about to turn 50 and I have lived in a lot of places! Growing up in a small town, I drive through on visits and reminisce about memories associated with each home I grew up in. First, the big old house….loved that one, by the way! Old door knobs, a real butler’s pantry, and leaded glass windows throughout! A designer’s dream! Then there was the house on the hill…many bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and a lot of brick. The cool factor was the river at the bottom of the hill! Then, the house I lived in with my dad after my parents’ divorce…all I will say is SMALL. And finally, my parents’ current residence, a modest ranch home across the street from an elementary school…a great neighborhood, great school, and perfect for a soon to be retired couple

Then, as I got married and became an adult, I own housing journey began. Rentals at first, but let me tell you…I could not wait to have my own house so I could decorate!!!!! I would visit home improvement stores and dream of what could be. My ex-husband and I found a fantastic deal (FMHA homes in small communities…no money down, and they help you with home improvement…or at least they did in 1993!). We purchased our first home, a rancher, and did several upgrades. I failed to share, my ex-husband worked for a kitchen/bath redesign factory, so we were set! New carpet, new paint, new wallpaper (yes, it was the 90’s), new furniture, and a lot of “Home Interior” accessories…anybody out there remember Home Interior???? Then we relocated to Houston…

It was our time to join apartment communities…and it was fun at first! We moved almost every one to two years…and it gave us the opportunity to clean, re-organize, and have a fresh start with each move. But, our daughter was establishing friends and we needed something more stable. That is when we built our first home! It was a long….really long…process in 2001….during Tropical Storm Allison (in Houston) and 911. We were excited, but so stressed, as the home took way longer than expected and we were actually living with friends for a period of time as the home was completed. But, we had a GREAT time there! We had opportunities to re-design, re-decorate, and finally, as I took it over after the divorce, make it my own!

As I worked through my struggle with learning to live single, I moved to Des Moines, Iowa. And my home journey continued. I was fortunate enough to fall into a home renovation with a “friend”…fence guy (maybe the love of my life)…and we totally loved every minute of it! I will even say, it made me re-think my entire career for a minute! New flooring, new windows, new fence (hence, fence guy), new bathrooms, new lighting, new furniture, new decorations, new yard….the list goes on and on (and definitely will be a post all of its own)! But, Houston was calling my name, and I walked away from all of that hard work…and fence guy!

So, my journey has been long, exciting, stressful, fulfilling…and I am happy to announce, I am building my own, brand-new house!!!!!!! I am so excited and so grateful for all of the experiences along the way! I cannot wait to share every minute of them with you all! Stay tuned for more!

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