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Refresh ~ give new strength, energy, reinvigorate

If you look good, you feel good…and if you feel good, you do good! This is my motto…every day! As I think back to my most successful days, I made a point to show up as my best self…and, of course, the toughest days, well, you could see it in every aspect of my being.

This makes me think about my home. I may currently live in my dream home, but that has not always been the case. Trust me, I have lived in some pretty sketchy places during my life. But, thinking of my motto, I quickly realized it definitely applied to my home as well. A home may not always be your final destination, but while you are there, making it a place that helps you feel good and want to show up to, makes a huge difference!

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels.com
Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com
Oakley in our new home.

I have always loved decorating, designing, rearranging, redecorating… you get the picture! I have always made my home comfortable and inviting…but most importantly, a place where I could welcome guests, even when it wasn’t my dream mansion. I have had experience working with a contractor and doing a house-flip. I have helped friends and family design their home oasis! Truly, this is my passion!

A Girl and Her Dog can help you as well! We strive to provide our clients with excellent support in decorating and design so you can live in your dream home! Stay tuned for more information about how A Girl and her Dog can help you!

❤️ Cheri

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