Revive Health and Wellness

Re-Vive ~ to bring back life, consciousness, or strength

I was 6 years old when I decided to become a teacher. My 1st grade teacher was amazing and made me feel like I could grow up and become anything I wanted. But, I didn’t aspire to be a 1st grade teacher….no…I wanted to be a PE teacher! I wanted to teach, but what I desired to teach others was how to build a healthy lifestyle. And, yes…I know most 6 year olds don’t decide on this kind of career path…I was a weirdy!

Throughout the rest of my childhood and during most of my adult years, health and wellness has always been important to me. Although I never became a PE teacher (but, I have had a fulfilling career in education), I have kept a very active lifestyle, incorporate healthy eating, and I am proud to say…at 50, my doctor tells me my body functions more like I am in my 30s! And, with all of the world’s recent events, I have been fortunate to stay on a healthy path!

What has been amazing is that I have had opportunities to “coach” others who are looking for their healthy life! I believe everyone, regardless of age, body style, or other conditions can develop a productive health and wellness routine that can give them the lifestyle they want. A Girl and Her Dog would love to help you revive yourself!

Cheri ❤️

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