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Re-Invent ~ change something so much that it appears to be entirely new

A Re-Invention with A Girl and Her Dog

50 years on this planet and as I look back on my life, boy…I never imagined I would be able to become the woman I am! I have accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible. And, although I still want more, I am proud of me!

I believe we all live our lives in seasons…as a child, a young adult, an established contributing citizen, and one who knows exactly what they want on their own terms. As we grow and learn, we continue to evolve into the person we are today. My story may be a bit different than some, but possibly similar to others. I know that as I passed through each season, I underwent a “re-invention”…a change within myself so significant that I appeared to be entirely new.

The sun setting through a dense forest.

Throughout my childhood and teen years, I was extremely shy. I would cringe anytime I had to speak to others. I was constantly anxious and worried what others thought about me. I was so insecure in my own skin, I was continually searching for people to love and accept me. I became a perfectionist…as I believed if I was perfect, I would be loved. I searched for, and found “love” anywhere I could, including my ex-husband at a very young age.

After college, my family (ex-husband and 5 year old daughter) transitioned to a brand new city to begin our “adult” life together. Yes, time for a reinvention! I knew that the shy little girl from Iowa could accomplish much, but not if living in fear of any interaction with others. I made the conscious decision to leave her behind and become the “social butterfly” I was born to be!

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As life progressed, and I grew into a more established version of myself, my next reinvention took place. Now, I didn’t see this coming but others saw the leader I was becoming and set me on a path that would include a big transformation. If I think back to my childhood years, I was always the one organizing the neighborhood play schedule, ensuring everyone got a chance to have a role that fit their strengths. I soon learned that I loved leading people…and reinvented myself to be that strong leader I was born to be!

Then, boom…out of no where, my world was turned upside down! My husband of almost 20 years decided that our marriage was over. This re-invention was not one I welcomed. And, it truly had it’s ugly days! I became someone who shut out the world, afraid of anyone hurting me again. And the worst part about it, I was the one self-sabotaging and causing the most damage to myself.

But, wouldn’t you know it…like any other strong woman would do…I made the choice to re-invent again! And…this is truly one of the best versions of me there is! Confident, loving, courageous, smart, and ready for anything! All while bringing the best parts of my past with me as I invent my future self.

We have all found times in our lives when we have been either forced into a new reality…or made the choice to transform into our best self. I would love to share my journey to help each of you build your best life! Stay tuned for ways I can support your REINVENTION!

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