A Little About Cheri

Well…I thought I had it all figured out! I was 6 when I determined my life path. 6???? Yes, it is crazy! No one knows what their life will be like at 6 years old, but I am not like other people!

Living in a small town in north Iowa, at 6 years old, I knew that I would become a teacher. I dabbled a little with other professions over the course of my school years, but when it was time to determine my major in college, yes, it was teaching. I started as a PE major, but changed to elementary education soon after my daughter was born. After college, my ex-husband, my daughter, and I moved to the Houston area so I could take on my first teaching assignment. Eventually, I moved into school administration and I am currently an elementary principal on the East Side of Houston, Texas.

So, yes, I thought I had it all figured out. My career was fulfilling. My marriage was pretty much on track. Our daughter was thriving through high school and ready to go off to college. I felt like life was pretty good. Then it hit! I was getting divorced after 19 years of marriage. I was devastated. Not really sure if I was sad about the marriage ending (maybe a little) or more embarrassed that I couldn’t make the marriage work. I felt that responsibility to be the “fixer” for everyone, including for my marriage. I quickly learned that I couldn’t fix this and I was going to begin a life alone, for the first time ever.

As I have navigated through the last 10 years…learning how to live alone, moving into my 40s and now about to turn 50, dating in a digital world, balancing my career and life, budgeting a single life, and parenting a young adult, I have learned a lot! Do I know it all, heavens no! I have a long way to go on my journey! But, I have much to share so that I can help those of you who may have just one thing in common with me! I hope my journey and posts can make an impact on your life!

A Little About Oakley

I came into my mama’s life as she was going through one of her toughest experiences in her life. I was 6 weeks old when she found me at the most disgusting home ever! She knew she loved me the minute she saw me! And I knew I loved her! I am turning 10 years old in June of 2021, and we have been together ever since!

If you are wondering, I am a chocolate lab/pitbull mix. I am a special dog….I have attachment issues and I am afraid of many things, including other dogs. I love people, though! And, I especially love my human sister, Kimber! She is one of my favorites!

My mama takes great care of me! I couldn’t ask for a better life! I am very spoiled, but shouldn’t every dog live a life of luxury????

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