A Little About Cheri

Hey y’all! I’m Cheri…born in small town Iowa…but now a PROUD Houstonian! I am a very blessed mama to a fabulous, thirty-something daughter and my handsome fur baby Oakley! After 27 years in public education, I discovered that I was losing my passion in the work place, but still longing to make the world a better place. Scary, right? I once called this a “mid-life crisis”…but then someone told me to think of it more like a re-invention! Of course, anytime we hear the word CRISIS, we all have a negative response. No one wants a crisis! And, after thinking about this thought from my friend, this change I am looking for is anything but negative!

A Girl and Her Dog was originally designed to be a hobby….a blog supporting others who may enjoy my stories about life at 50, thriving after divorce, and finding my passion to live on my own terms! Since the start in 2021, I have made the decision to transition from education to coach and consult with others. I have many experiences that I want to share so that women like me, who came from very little, find a life of excitement, abundance, and confidence that she can accomplish anything!

In October of 2022, my first book was released! As one of my dreams come true, I am blessed to have had an opportunity to collaborate with 29 other women who share stories of how we have unleashed our power so that we could achieve our goals and dreams! And, I am so excited to announce, I am working on producing my first talk show! Confident, Courageous, and Clear with Cheri will premiere the week of March 14 on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV! Stay tuned for our newest project!

A Little About Oakley

I came into my mama’s life as she was going through one of her toughest experiences in her life. I was 6 weeks old when she found me at the most disgusting home ever! She knew she loved me the minute she saw me! And I knew I loved her! I am turning 11 years old in June of 2022, and we have been together ever since!

If you are wondering, I am a chocolate lab/pitbull mix. I am a special dog….I have attachment issues and I am afraid of many things, including other dogs. I love people, though! And, I especially love my human sister, Kimber! She is one of my favorites!

My mama takes great care of me! I couldn’t ask for a better life! I am very spoiled, but shouldn’t every dog live a life of luxury????

Cheri’s Values and Commitments

  • I commit to giving my clients a One Million Dollar experience for an affordable price.
  • I value all women and their past experiences.
  • I believe that we can all learn and grow.
  • Women Empowerment is crucial to our country’s future success.
  • By making a difference for one woman can have a ripple effect on our future.

I am on a mission to empower women to make decisions for themselves, design a roadmap for their future, and become the woman that lives unapologetically so that she can find her voice and create a life on her own terms. I want to be the light in the world that supports everyone to live their best life.

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