Confident, Courageous and Clear Challenge: Jumpstart your path to building a life you love!

Hey there y’all! I hope you enjoyed your week! Mine was busy, of course, but so many great things to celebrate! One of the best was when a colleague of mine came by to meet with me this week at school. We were discussing school things, but then began catching up on all of the things happening for A Girl and Her Dog Coaching and Consulting. This friend previously had doubts about me starting the business, as it is so much different than the world of education. However, this week, she told me how proud she was of the work I am doing and actually asked that when she is ready to start her own business, if I would mentor her through the process! That is one of the best compliments I think I have gotten so far! I know that I am pretty successful in the world of education, but I am currently building my reputation as a business owner…and now I know I am beginning to be valued and trusted in this area as well! Yay me!

This week’s blog is going to highlight my upcoming challenge! I am excited to bring you 5 days of amazing strategies to help you jumpstart you on your path to building a life you love! Taking pieces from my upcoming course, releasing officially on April 1, I know that you are going to get tips that you can easily implement on your own to help you build this life you want to wake up to! I will be releasing each day’s challenge on my podcast, Strong: Inside and Out so that you can listen and learn while driving, walking, running, etc…easily accessible and with you wherever you listen to the podcast (Apple or Spotify)!

Here is a run down of the topics I will cover each day this week in the challenge.

  • Day 1: Discovering Who You Are – In Monday’s challenge, I will work with you on ways to identify where you are in your current reality and what you want in life moving forward. It is so easy to get caught up in life and forget who we are…what we want…what makes us happy. During this podcast you will begin to unwrap your own layers and discover what you need to build a life you love!
  • Day 2: My Plan for the Future – In the day 2 challenge, we will begin to determine action steps you will take to begin fostering any changes you need to make in life to fulfill your goals and dreams. I will discuss my goal setting process with you so that you can easily implement it for yourself!
  • Day 3: My Happy, Healthy Life – Health and wellness is such an important part of living a strong woman’s life. During this day’s challenge, I will discuss with you what all entails living a healthy life, a few strategies to get you on your best path, and a doable tip for feeling energized in your life.
  • Day 4: She Remembered Who She Was and the Game Changed – During the day 4 challenge, I will talk with you about how to not only design the life you want, but how to sustain it and communicate your wants and needs to those around you. We will touch upon negative and positive thinking and my ideas for being positive on purpose.
  • Day 5: Wrap up, Common Questions and Worries, and Next Steps – I will use questions and concerns that I have encountered over the last months in business and share my answers with you to help you determine your next steps in building a life you love!

As you can see, this challenge is going to be so beneficial to you…and the best part, it’s free! Each day’s podcast will release at 7:00 am central time on Apple and Spotify so you can either take each step each day or binge listen at the end of the week and get on your path for building a life you love and cannot wait to begin! My mission is to help you and women all over the world believe that they are valued and worth the time and energy it takes to really dig deep and learn who they are and what they want in life. I will not rest until I have had this impact on the world and you get to get started with me on this path this week! I cannot wait to hear about your results! You can reach out, share your thoughts with me on my social media, Cheri Dixon on Facebook or @agirlandherdog19 on Instagram!

Podcast links:

Apple – Strong: Inside and Out

Spotify – Strong: Inside and Out

Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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