Lessons From My First Yoga Session

Hey there y’all! What a week I had this past week…and the full moon doesn’t even happen until mid-week this week! And, it’s the week before spring break, so if you are in the world of education, you know that means everyone will be a bit off! So…when I say I started my first MUCH NEEDED yoga class this week, I really did need it!

So, I did a yoga class years ago after my divorce. I was looking for ways to destress and relax…and any kind of workout that wasn’t running (yes, my ex-husband and I were both runners so it was tough to do it for a while). I did one session and gave up…not because I couldn’t learn, but because it didn’t keep me engaged enough…probably because my mind was on a bazillion other things during that time in my life. I did find it calming and I knew that I always wanted to try yoga. I always wanted to be able to learn about the poses, strengthen my body to do all of them, and find balance in my life. I guess the timing just hasn’t been right, until today!

Friday, I purchased a yoga program online and committed to starting my first sessions this weekend. Today was the day! I went for a quick 3 mile run and then I hit the mat! I actually really enjoyed it! I can see how this can be a great balance with running and being a bit older in life and wanting to keep my strength and flexibility, I think it will be a good choice and I will give it a shot! But, of course, being the nerdy learner I am, I had to find the learning in it…and I surprised myself and did learn quite a bit in my first 30 minute session (yes, I am a beginner and want to learn to love it…so baby steps!).

Here were my thoughts today during and after the session:

  • Flexibility – I learned real quick that although I have stayed “fairly” flexible as I am aging, I certainly am not where I want to be. I could feel the pull with each move…the stretch with each pose. A couple were more challenging, and I could have just not done them and waited for the next, more comfortable pose. But, I didn’t…I stayed the course, all while thinking, in life (and yoga) we need to remember to be flexible. I am a planner by nature, so of course, I had to learn this a while back…even with the best plans, things can happen and we all need to adjust. Having the flexibility to adjust easily and quickly will definitely ease stress in your every day life…and help us all to know that when things go wrong, or not as planned, it is not the end of the world. We just adjust and keep moving forward!
  • Strength – I wonder how many of you have had thoughts like me before…watching some people participate in a good yoga session and think, “this doesn’t look so bad…I can probably do it”? I am not talking about those serious poses, but for most, I think many of us non-yogis would think this. My research (both online and face to face conversations with those who participate) has taught me that I am not sure my thought is accurate. And after this morning’s session, I know it isn’t. Sure, there are some that can be done with less effort, but strength is definitely needed for many of the poses…especially to do them correctly. It may also require strength in our minds…holding a few of the beginner poses today was challenging and I had to remind myself that I can do hard things and not give up when I was breaking a sweat! The same thing happens in life…having the grit and perseverance to overcome challenging times is very important. It is when we just give in, give up that we allow our minds and our circumstances to determine our lives…and we all know, if we want that life we want to wake up to each day, we have to have the strength to endure hard things when they come at us!
  • Balance – I am going to be the first to admit…over the past years, I have lost my lust for doing core work on my body! Yes, I know this is a bad idea…I am a runner and you need a strong core to stay healthy and well during your runs…I am a middle aged woman who is experiencing menopause and I need to keep my core fit to keep away future diseases in life…so yes, bad idea. Well, I definitely felt it today. I quickly learned that to balance your body and do the poses correctly, even in the beginner yoga session, you need a strong core. I looked a bit funny, struggling to keep myself looking like I knew what I was doing, as I was flailing all over the place on my mat…even the dog came to check on me! Let’s think about balance in life…and I am not even going to get to the dreaded conversation of work life balance (is there even such a thing?)…but just balancing ourselves in the world we live in these days. Of course, I think you need to think about your core, core values that is, when you make decisions in life. If you don’t know what you stand for, what fits for you in your life, and where your standards are, you will be living a life that is determined by your outside factors…not one that you want to live and wake up to each day. Balance in life is hard…you have to set boundaries, stick to them, communicate them, and know when to stay the course or be “flexible” and adjust. But, the most successful people in life definitely have found that balance, and when you ask them how they did it, they tell me…I do what is right for me. I love that!

So, as you can see, yoga today was very rewarding for me! I not only worked on my breathing, my relaxation, my balance, and my core, but I also reminded myself, and learned a few things, about living my life on my terms! As with all things in my world, I plan everything in moderation…I will continue to run, use the occasional weight session to keep my body toned and fit, and throw in a good kickboxing or spin cycle session, but adding yoga into my regular routine throughout the weeks ahead will not only help me build the body I want, but will keep me fit, healthy, and grounded in all I believe is needed to live my best life! Have you tried a session? I would love to hear your thoughts on it! If you haven’t, is this something to try out and see if it fits into your world!

As a life coach, I work with people to help them build that life they want to wake up to each day. I have many different ways that we can connect and get you on a path that will build a life you love! My programs and supports range from free (my podcast or my newsletter) to paid individual, group, and program coaching sessions. If you want to hear more, please do not hesitate to reach out at agirlandherdog123@gmail.com! I would love to connect with you and see if we are a great fit to begin a journey together!

Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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  1. Jennifer Weeks Avatar
    Jennifer Weeks

    Yoga is an amazing practice. It teaches you the balance of strength, flexibility, and how far to push yourself. I completely agree with your observations and comments!

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