My New Journey, Step 1: Confident, Courageous and Clear

Happy Sunday evening everyone! I am not sure about you, but I just poured a glass of wine and I am sitting here feverishly sharing my thoughts with you on this week’s blog. Today, I think the word of the day is…NEW. Everything about the work I did this weekend seemed new. I have recorded podcasts and online workshops before, but for some reason, recording the first episode of Confident, Courageous, and Clear with Cheri seemed new…and that translated to some overwhelm!

So, I started by using a new recording platform. One that was recommended by someone for a better quality of performance than Zoom. Now, years back when the pandemic hit, I struggled with learning Zoom…I think because we had to learn it so fast. But, it is actually a pretty easy platform to use. And, it works for me. But, going on this recommendation, I thought I would try something different. The result…a lot of frustration, a lot of doubt in my technical abilities, and a brief moment of wanting to give up. None of this was good and I had to walk away from it for a bit…with fear of can I really do this?

How do we handle it when overwhelm happens, especially during times of learning and stress? I have had many experiences with this over the years, but today seemed different. I think because although I know I will not be perfect, I want that first episode, and all episodes, to be the best they can be. Here is how I handled it…I had a pep talk with myself, and I reminded myself that I have recorded things, and posted them to the world, for a while now…and I can do this. I took a deep breath, spent time getting my nails done and walked the dog, both things that bring me joy…and I started over. And, I did it with the platform I am used to and it seemed to work, for today.

I know that overwhelm and doubt can cause people to just give up on their goals and dreams, and I truly did not want this to be my short story of being the host of my own show! I promised myself two things when I started this journey…to say yes when opportunities came along, and to live life moving forward with no regret. I know that the second one is very hard…and this is one thing I have to coach others on as well as myself…but regret is hard. And, digging deep to find our grit, persevering when times are challenging, are the only way we will begin to take those giant leaps toward all of our goals and dreams.

So, for now, I am going to continue researching and learning. I will ask the hard questions, do the trial and error, and seek out support along the way! I have to remind myself that there are no dumb questions and I can only get better if I am willing to put in the work! I challenge you to do the same! Stay the course! You know, they say…you experience that first break through at the end of the break down! We got this! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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