Fear…It’s a Powerful Thing…But You Can Overcome!

I made a big announcement this weekend! And, it was a bit scary! But, I did say this…had I not said yes, to so many things, I would not be right where I am today. Yes is scary…especially if you have any doubt in your mind, but if I say no…what would I miss out on? And, I am not one to turn down an opportunity!

So, what have I said yes to? Let’s see…

  • I said yes to stepping out of my “box” and getting certified to become a life coach.
  • I said yes to launching my first program, which secured ONE paying client!
  • I said yes to inquiring about a possible podcast guest opportunity…that became a book opportunity!
  • I said yes to writing a chapter in the book, Unleash Her, which became an international best seller!
  • I said yes to 2 guest blog posts and 5 guest podcast opportunities!
  • I said yes to collaborating with some of my fellow authors and did a virtual online summit in December!
  • I said yes to inquiring about and becoming an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, which has changed my skin in just 6 weeks!
  • And, I said yes to one of the biggest opportunities of my life!

So, what is that final yes? Well…here it goes…during the week of March 14, I will have my own talk show air on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV! Confident, Courageous, and Clear with Cheri will bring you stories of amazing women who have endured some of the most adverse situations in life and have come out on the other side, better than ever, accomplishing big things! Each week, I will interview one of these amazing women who will share their biggest secrets of success, so you too can make change in your own life and build a life you love!

I am still pinching myself each day when I think about this big opportunity! How does this girl, from some town Iowa, who didn’t have the greatest relationship with her own mother, who became a teenage mother, land something like this? I have asked myself this all day, and here is the answer, I said YES!

I said yes when I was scared. I said yes when I had no idea what I was doing. And, I said yes when I had no idea what I was saying yes to! Scared or not, I said yes…and here is why. I say yes to opportunities because sometimes they only come along once in a life time! And, I live life with no regrets…and no wondering of what would have happened if I wouldn’t have said yes.

I am overly excited about this opportunity, but with all things I do, I hope you can gain a little something from this…which is, what do you need to say yes to? Things happen to us all each and every day, and are you saying yes, even when you are afraid? I know it is scary. I know it is overwhelming. But, what if that one yes could lead to a whole lot of opportunity? Say yes! Until next time! ❤️Cheri

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