Goodbye January…Hello Style!

Hey there y’all! I always say that January is the longest month to me…which this one seems to follow suit…this year, it also flew by! I cannot believe we are one month down in 2023 already! If you have been following me, so many great things are working out this year…and of course a few lessons as well! January was my month to really think through my finances and start a plan to be debt free of credit cards by the end of 2023. I have been learning a lot from my podcast guests and other people in my every day circle that have had discussions with me on this. I started my independent beauty consultant journey, with the intent of using the profits toward this debt…and I can say, it is going just as I had planned so far! I will say, however, just when you think you have a solid plan in place, motivated to make it work, and committed to the progress…life happens! I had to get a new cell phone (man, those things are not cheap!), so I did have to deal with that little set back. But all in all, I can say things are moving forward, and that makes me feel stronger in the area of my finances!

I have been working on a few things in addition to my money mindset this month in regard to my business. Some things are small, some are still a bit challenging, and then there is the big one! I am not ready to announce it yet, but it could be HUGE! And, it is making me think about my brand. I definitely now see why having a brand, a style, a presence in the world is important…and this is my area of focus for February! I am looking forward to it, as I am not necessarily scrapping everything about my style or my presence in the world, but as my one word for the year, elevate, suggests, I am elevating my brand…A Girl and Her Dog is coming in strong in February and I cannot wait!

Here is where I am focusing:

  • My clothes: I dress professionally every weekday at school, as my profession requires it. However, when I have down time, I want to be comfortable and relaxed. Since starting this business, I find it important to “show up” everywhere I go these days, as you just don’t know who will meet you, see you, or want to work with you in the future. This has caused me to rethink my weekend/after work wear. My plan is to dig through my closet this week, find the things that still work (and fit…haha), and then spend a little time this upcoming weekend adding a few fresh pieces to my collection. February is always a great time to do this anyway, as we begin to prepare for spring weather (at least in Houston), so it has been on my list to do. However, this year, I have to think about this new endeavor and really focus on that thought of “how I show up”…so stay tuned for the fun!
  • Accessories: I have always been big on jewelry, scarfs, etc…the accessories can take a plain outfit to fabulous easily and this will definitely be another area to look at! I just had the opportunity to get a few new items…and will spend a minute in my jewelry box, seeing how new combos with some of my current collection can help me step up my game!
  • Make up: I have started this new skin care journey with my independent consultant business and I love it! My skin looks and feels better than ever, and my current (pretty basic) make up looks amazing! I do want to up this game a bit also…and this part makes me a little fearful! I am adding lipstick…or some lip color! I have not really been one to embrace the lips, mainly because it is a part of my face I don’t necessarily love and try to hide…yes, I know, silly! But, I am just going to take that first step and try it!

Not only will I be focusing on these more outside characteristics of myself, but I need to do a little reflection and self talk with me as well this month! As someone who is very confident…and a life coach for women to help build their mindset, one would think that I would not be insecure about anything. This is just not true! I am working on loving my presence on video! I do video, lives on Facebook and Insta, and show up for my people whether it is at school in front of hundreds or online with my clients. But, there still is that little part of me that judges my look, my hair, or just my overall appearance. Nothing that is not fixable, but something I am focused on this month, as this new endeavor will require me to show up 100% and to have the mindset that I am worthy of all that is coming! So, mindset work is coming as well!

You can see, February is going to be another busy month with some self coaching for myself, work with my business coaches, and definitely some learning. What are you focused on for February? Are you in a place that you can begin checking off your actions for the year yet…or do you need time to reflect and revise your plan? We are still early in the game…trust me…this is the best time to review so you can stay on the path of success this year! I know 2023 is going to be the best year yet, and I want all of us celebrating our big wins together this December! Until next time!

Cheri ❤️

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