Financial Freedom Journey – Step 1

I cannot believe that we are half way through January! This month is flying by! How are you all doing on your goals so far this year? I committed to getting back into “runner’s shape” and that is moving right along, continue my growth for A Girl and Her Dog Coaching and Consulting which builds each day with more and more impact on women in the world, focused work in my day job so we can meet our goals at school this year, and learning how to make my money work for me! All of these things continue to be on my mind and I am definitely celebrating wins in each area every day!

Last week on my podcast, I had a childhood friend on as a guest who is a money coach. Specifically, Terry Schumaker has a membership group with a friend called Value Investing Valets, and they provide education on investing your money in a valuable way. I loved connecting with him and learning some of the secrets he has to help everyone think smart about money. One of my biggest take aways from our time together was his advice to just start now…no matter how much you make, how old you are, or whatever your situation…start saving as much as you can, start investing with whatever money you can…it is not too late to begin, but don’t wait for your world to be “perfect” to get started. Definitely taking his advice on that!

This week, I have another amazing guest on the podcast, DeShena Woodard. I met DeShena last summer through some Facebook groups and we hit it off right away! And, she is a Houstonian! She had me guest on her podcast, Women with Ambition, at the end of summer, and I only felt that she would be the next piece to my financial journey! I cannot wait for you to hear her story and her advice. She was so inspirational! After spending time with her, I committed to myself that I am going to focus my money in 2023 to paying off my debt. As a new Mary Kay Independent Consultant, I am going to use all of that income to focus on my first hurdle, some credit card debt I have. Then, all of that money will go into my savings account so that I can begin to build my own wealth. You can hear this advice and more on Tuesday when Strong: Inside and Out drops episode 21!

These are two big pieces of advice that I am working with for sure, but of course, there are still a few lingering thoughts I continue to worry about. One of course is tax season is upon us. Every year, I have to pay into taxes. I know it is because I am single, no dependents, and make a certain level of income. This is a big stressor for me! I am prepared for it, but something about this just plain worries me. It is almost as if I feel I am doing something wrong to the government and the punishment is that I have to pay taxes…yes, I know, this is simply not true, but one of those money mindsets I am working on to get over.

I still also need to remind myself that I have all that I need right now, and to just focus on the savings and investing instead of the fancy new shoes or bags! I struggle with this from time to time, as I think, I do need to continue to look professional at my job and want that same look for my coaching…and although I have a full closet of clothes and shoes and bags, I get bored with these looks easily and feel the need for something new. Definitely working on this, but a bit of a struggle too! Another mindset issue…worrying that one day, money may not be abundant and what if I cannot afford these luxuries in my life. Still learning to believe that I am worthy of more and can generate income to a level that will fit my goals and dreams, while having that impact on others.

So, as we continue on our journeys in 2023, I really do encourage you to think about your goals, reflect on how you are doing at this point so that you can make any pivots now, before it is too late, and continue to build your dreams! This really can be your year to achieve all that you want and desire! Keep making those small steps! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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