A Time of Gratitude

Welcome back y’all! Wow! I cannot believe we are about to wrap up November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This week, my blog is not directly connected to my podcast, as I had the honor of spending time with a few of the co-authors in the Unleash Her book, talking about all things we all aspire to accomplish when it comes to making the world a better place! But, this week here, I do want to take time to think about gratitude and how sometimes, we forget to think about all that we have to be thankful for!

Last week, in my memo to my staff, I asked them to reflect on things they are grateful for…especially because this week before the Thanksgiving break is ALWAYS challenging, and I wanted to get them in a good mindset. I told them, if nothing else, they need to feel grateful knowing they have a job. Right now, the economy is very questionable…and so many are struggling. But, as educators, we are a needed commodity and need to be thankful that we have a steady paycheck, benefits, and job security. I also told them that I was grateful that I just get to wake up healthy each and every day…another thing we tend to take for granted.

Working on social media content earlier today, I saw a post a woman made about struggles this time of the year. What you may not know is that recently, I ended a one year relationship that I thought was going to end in marriage. Not great timing with the holidays right around the corner…and definitely not what I was expecting was going to happen. This woman posted today that her biggest struggle right now if feeling lonely. I can definitely see how one could feel this. My daughter is spending time with her boyfriend over the Thanksgiving break, which we usually spend the days together. My friends all have their families, and my own parents are not making the visit this year for Thanksgiving. It will be quiet around here…so how am I working through it? I am staying focused on all that I have to be grateful for, connecting with as many friends during the week as I can, using this gift of time given to me while on the break to catch up on some appointments, and just enjoying some peace, while decorating for the holidays and binging my favorite netflix series! Another opportunity to be grateful that I am able to make this happen!

So, this week’s podcast, as I mentioned, is with 3 other authors that I met through my experience writing for the She Rises Studios and being part of the Unleash Her book. I have never had the opportunity to meet any of them in person yet, but connecting as we have through social media and on zoom calls, has given me a chance to meet and form friendships with these fabulous ladies! I have to be the first to admit, before embarking on this journey to starting a business and being forced to connect on social media, this would have been out of my comfort zone and I just would not have done it! And, I would have missed the chance to continue to not only build my friend circle, but connect with like minded women who are interested in supporting each other on our journeys to building our businesses! One more thing to be grateful for…the chance to connect AND the courage to step out of my comfort zone!

How do you reflect and find all that you are grateful for? When my daughter was young, we would make Thanksgiving morning breakfast which was always something sinful (one of our family cheat days) and share things that we were thankful for that year. We shut off the tv, phones, etc and just focused on each other and listened to each other’s thoughts. Now that I spend the holidays with friends, my daughter and I still find our morning time before the festivities and reflect on the year. And, as she has grown, we always try to discuss things that are going well and our gratitude during our weekly dinners together. Do you and your family have a tradition or ritual for expressing gratitude? If not, is it time to try one out? Jon Gordon talks frequently about a daily gratitude walk…time spent alone walking and thinking about your blessings for the day. A pretty simple way to get started! My daily walks with Oakley are definitely great times for this and help me set my days up for success!

However you do it, take the time to make reflecting on all that you are thankful for part of your routine. I know that by doing so, you will begin to see all that you are blessed with in life, and it probably will keep you more positive each and every day! I know it does for me! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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