Hey there y’all! I hope everyone had an amazing week! Mine was long, and busy, but I am happy to say I survived, thrived, and I am here for another week to share my thoughts with you! That makes me the luckiest girl alive! Yep…it is all about MINDSET! To be truthful, this was a challenging week for me, but if I just dwell on the hurdles, that would get me no where, expect in a state of negativity. So, again, I am here and lucky to continue to be alive!

Mindset is an interesting term. I think it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle, the stress, and the energy around us each day…and we forget, the only thing in life we can control is how we show up and how we react when life comes at us. I was married for a significant part of my early adulthood years and I will be the first to admit, most of the days of my marriage I did not do the best job of controlling how I responded to these things. I was pretty miserable in most areas of my life and I just responded to that misery. I guess it took that big pivoting event, my divorce, to put me on a path of self discovery so that I could design a life that I now love to wake up to each day!

I guess, however, I have been working on mindset my whole life…maybe just didn’t realize what it really meant. As you have probably seen if you follow me on social media or you are in my circle of friends, I have a book releasing on Tuesday, October 25! It is my first book…so excited! I am part of an anthology called Unleash Her, where 30 of us wrote a chapter highlighting a point in our lives when we knew we were destined for more…and found the power to unleash within our strength to make our goals and dreams happen. I cannot wait to get this out into the world, because I know it will have an impact on so many! The women I have partnered with are AMAZING and you will not want to miss this! I have included links below so you can pre-order your ebook today!

But, back to mindset…way back when I was just 19, I found myself becoming a mom. This was not my plan, and with the experiences I had with my own biological mother, I did not believe I was capable of being the loving, caring mother that my daughter needed in her life. My mindset at the time was that because of what happened to me, this pattern would repeat and I would end up having a very negative impact on my daughter’s life. But there she was, and she needed me, just as I soon realized I needed her. My mindset had to shift and it had to shift fast! And, thinking back to my younger years and my journey to today, that was a pivotal moment in my life, as I learned, I could just accept the fact that I was uneducated, single, and needed to just take on a job that would pay bills so we could get through life…or I could figure out a way to stay on my path of fulfilling my goals and dreams, while balancing motherhood…in a way that taught my daughter to never give up and strive for the best life you can possibly have. And that is what I did…and I would not have given up one of the hurdles, the sacrifices, the stresses…because they made me who I am today…and who she is as well! So, it definitely made since when I titled my chapter, Not Crazy…Just Wanting It All!

This journey to authorship has been truly life changing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the dream to write one day…but more importantly, I recommend to all people (especially women), don’t give up on your dreams! Mindset is a powerful thing, and if you can shift it so that you can continue to believe you are strong and worthy, you can have it all! Take it from me, with the hurdles I have faced over my 51 years, if I can accomplish my goals…and design a life I love to wake up to each day, you can too!! Now go out there and make it happen! And, don’t forget…buy the ebook with the links below! 😊

If you also would love a signed paperback copy from me, head over to the tab on the home page called “Read My Book” and get yourself a pre-ordered copy!

As I leave out on this week’s post, I just want to say thank you to all of you reading this blog, providing feedback, following my social media, being my friend, loving me, and pushing me to be my best! I wrote this book/chapter because I believe it will have an impact on the world, and I was able to do that because you had some kind of impact on me and my belief that I am capable of doing just that! YOU are part of what keeps me believing that the world can be a better place, and that I can have some part of making it so! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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