Your Style IS Your Business Card

Hey Y’all! Another Sunday is almost in the books and it is time to reflect on my week and share my most important thoughts with you. Fun fact about me…I am a self-proclaimed nerd! I am a bit obsessed with weather and different weather patterns. Growing up in north central Iowa, we enjoyed the 4 seasons of the year (which we really don’t experience in Houston), but weather was pretty predictable. It was COLD in the winter, with a lot of snow, cool in the spring, warm (but not overbearing) in the summer, and fresh and cool in the fall. Leaves changed and snow fell…just like the movies. Houston is quite a bit different! We have HOT, rain, and short periods of cool in between(cold to us that have been here for years). AND, we get to experience a significant change in weather with cold fronts. I love them! Well, without making this entire post about weather, we are getting our first big one of this fall season this week and I CANNOT WAIT! Yes, I wanted you to hear that in your head just as if I were screaming it out like a child! See…such a nerd! Haha!

This week, as I am preparing my clothes for the cool weather, I was thinking about a few things that happened during the past week and wanted to share, because we all know…style is way more than what clothes you wear…it truly is your business card! And I know I am right because every business training I have been doing as I start this journey in life coaching focuses on your brand and what that says about you!

To me, style is about the whole picture of how you show up. Your hair, your make up, your clothes, your shoes, and all of your accessories…including glasses if you are blessed to have to wear them! What I was reminded about this week is that style truly is your “business card”…even when working with young children. Change one thing about yourself, and EVERYONE notices it. It started on Monday. I decided to wear a dress that I had not worn for a few years. The dress is black with gray and white polk-a-dots. It is super cute, but I put it in the back of my closet because the red wedges that I like to wear with it are no longer functioning and I had not found the perfect pair to replace them with yet. But, the new red heels were delivered over the weekend, so I pulled that dress out and put it on!

I walked in the school building, feeling very put together…and everyone noticed! I was even asked where I was going during the day, as I never show up quite like that! And, I had a 1st grader comment on how good I looked! See…everyone notices!

Then, as my week continued, I listened to my favorite podcasts each morning while I walked the dog. It just so happened, two different episodes talked about style and how you show up! And, to top it off, I saw a social media post this weekend about what ever your style is…rock it! Make a point to do it well and do it often! And within all three mediums, they all came to the same conclusion as me, which is “style really is your business card”!

So, what does this mean? Well, let’s pull it apart a bit. When you dress each day for work, you look in your closet and find the best outfit for the day. You do this based on what feels good to you, what activities you will accomplish, and how you want to show up. And, if you are like me, you think this through…and probably have the week planned out by Sunday evening. You see, style let’s people know how you are going to enter the room, work through the day, and handle your business. If it is in a rugged t-shirt and lounge pants, people think you may take life lightly…not caring what others think. If it is in your best suit, they may think you are ready to take on the world. And, if you like a good shirt and jeans, which can be dressed up with shoes and accessories, they may think you are a combo of the two. Whatever it is, it is the impression you make when you walk in that room.

So, this week, I ask you, how do you show up for yourself? What impression do you want to give off at the first moment they all see you walk in? And, does it align with your goals and dreams, putting you in a position to accomplish it all? Because, what I do know, you let people know how you want to be treated, how you want to be addressed, and how you want to be regarded lies in the first impression…and that is your style! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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