Confident, Courageous, and Clear

I focused on my own life and where I was at the moment…living life courageous, confident, and clear…knowing exactly what I can accomplish, having the strength to make my dreams come true, and knowing that I am living life on my own terms…not conforming to what my circle of people think, what society says, and staying in the box! It took me a while to get to this point in life, however, and it was a bit scary! It is soooo much easier to just conform to the mold…do what others think is best….stay in the box of the every day job, cap on salary, giving your all for someone else’s benefit…but consistent pay that will guarantee a house, car, food on the table, and a little fun time. I grabbled with this transition quite a bit, as being a single woman, who knows what can happen in the future and where you may be…on a single salary. But then I realized…life is short! I knew that I did not want to have regrets! And…I was starting to feel those regrets creeping up, to a point where they were taking over my life…and I soon learned that although I had all of the consistency of a steady, well paying job in life, I was not happy!

Now, I say all of this to say…I am a smart girl…and as I listen to others, read others’ social media posts, research what keeps women stuck in life…I quickly learned that I am not alone in these kinds of feelings! Do you realize how many women, after the age of 40ish, find themselves lost? They feel that they have dedicated their whole adult life caring for kids, taking on responsibilities of the family, or so focused on their career, that they do not even know what they want out of life anymore. They feel like they are invisible to the world…feeling unheard and unseen as they move into the mid-life. Just like me, they realize that life is short and time moves fast….and they gave up on their own personal goals and dreams to do what society feels they should have done!

Now, like me, they would not change giving up so many things to ensure that their children had a beautiful life…that they advanced in their career….that their family unit is well taken care of. It is definitely not about regretting these sacrifices! But, it is about knowing the kids are now grown and off to live their own lives…or they may have hit the ceiling in their career…or worse yet, the family is no longer together due to divorce or death. This is where so many middle aged women are in life and sadly, they don’t know how to move forward!

This brings me back to my journey of designing my own life…confident, courageous, and clear! Reflecting on what I did to learn how to live a life I dream of, on my own terms, I quickly learned that I can help these women! My new course, Confident, Courageous, and Clear: Learning to Live Life Unapologetically, is the answer to this situation! It is a 4 month, online course, that includes individualized and group coaching supports that empowers women to live life on their own terms by designing a roadmap to success! In the course, I focus on 4 main areas: self image and mindset, goal setting, health and wellness, and relationships.

Anyone can figure out, like I did, how to better their own life and get on a track that makes them happy. Working with me, I can take you through the process quicker and much more efficient, as I have been through it and developed this path to success! The main hurdle that all women in this place in life need to realize is that this is the time to take care of their needs…put themselves first, for a change, and find out what makes them most happy in life so that the rest of their lives, can be the best of their life!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to reach out! I have included a link below…and of course, I can always be reached on social media or through my email. I am on a mission to help middle aged women feel heard, seen, and empowered to make changes in their lives that will create a life on their own terms, full of passion and desire to be their best self, while breaking free from their own limiting beliefs. Until next time! Cheri ❤️

Confident, Courageous, and Clear: Learning to Live Life Unapologetically

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