Don’t stop with you are tired, stop when you are done!

So…my whole life, people have referred to me as a freak! Not in the sense that I am weird…well, I could be…but more because I am one who goes and goes and goes! I work hard…going until the job is done. I don’t really get sick…believing that if you take care of yourself, your body will take care of you. And, I can definitely train myself to keep going until the job is done…ignoring the fact of getting tired!

Let’s take my running. I know, a half marathon is not a full…but it takes discipline to get to the point where you can get your runs in, get your day job done, and everything else that comes along. And, I am old! I get tired. But, this phrase is one I repeat to myself often when I am out on the roads. It gets tiring! It gets boring sometimes (especially in this new neighborhood…not a lot to look at!)! But, I cannot quit until it is done!

Work is the same. For me, I cannot just quit until the job is done. The kids, teachers, and families depend on me to get it done! Of course, we all need time to rest and rejuvenate, but quitting is just not an option. Adding the new business on top, more hours, more stress…it all has to get done! And, I don’t have anyone to get it done but me!

So, how do I do it? Well…it takes discipline, as I mentioned, and a lot of self talk. It is truly a mindset shift! I don’t let myself quit…too many people depend on me, so knowing I would be letting them down truly helps. But, I don’t want to let myself down either. I don’t want to walk away with the regret that I did not do all that I could because I was “tired”. Yes…this is why they call me a freak!

So, the next time you feel tired, ask yourself this…can you keep going? There is time to rest later…who will you disappoint if you don’t finish? And is that “who” you? You got this! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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