Style: Because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.

This week on my YouTube episode, I am talking about casual versus professional dress…and knowing when and where to wear each. I have had many years of experience seeing others (and honestly, myself) struggle with knowing just what is appropriate for different events in life. I will share my motto when it comes to dressing for the occasion…I would rather over dress than under dress…so be sure to check out my thoughts on this on episode 18 of Strong: Inside and Out.

I have been told often that I have a big personality. I have been told that I am very passionate about all I do and I am not afraid to show that passion to the world. This has not always been me, but as I have evolved over the years, I find that life is way too short to play small just to fit in, so I live life as I want…which can be big! Most times, I would say, when I walk in a room, I want to be sure people know I am present. I am not a bragger or boaster, but I have been that shy person in the room, and I certainly never want anyone to feel that way when I am around. I will address others, I will smile and walk tall, I will make sure people know I am there! But, there are times when you must walk in and keep yourself to yourself until the time is right…and that, in my opinion, is where your style speaks for you!

I was told, many years ago, by a woman who lived a life of luxury (very unlike myself) that when she enters a room, she can tell immediately how much you have paid for your outfit. I am not sure if she was trying to impress, or belittle others, but she continued to comment on the circle I was sitting in. She called out everyone of us ladies and how much our “style” costs…saying that if you are “playing in a circle like this, you must dress the part”. My first response was, “how dare you!” And then I stopped to think…and although I will never say I agree, I do think there is some logic in this.

Style: Because your personality isn’t the first thing people see…this quote is perfect for my thoughts on this. Yes, if you are coming to this kind of table, dress the part…but I don’t think it means you must dress in a costly way. I think you can show up as your best self, appropriate for the occasion, in what looks and feels best on you! And, I have shared some of my tips for this below:

  • Think about your outfit before you go. If you are rushed and short on time, it is human nature to grab the fist thing you find in your closet. This could be your go to outfit, and most times, that is fine. But if you are attending something big, outside your normal arena, find that perfect outfit that makes you feel your very best! The one that you know when you walk in the room, people will just see your personality shining through! You know which one I am referring to…and make sure it is ready to go! No stains, no wrinkles, no flaws! This will ensure you show up as your best self!
  • I have said this before, and it is DEFINITELY one of my most important things I tell myself…if you don’t feel comfortable in it, it is not the outfit for you! It may not mean get rid of it totally, but maybe on that particular day, it is not for you. We all have those moments in life when we may feel a little bloated…a little off due to a week of limited physical activity…just not our best! No one wants to be sitting in a room worried if the outfit makes them look how they are feeling…trust me, I have been there and that makes me always feel more miserable than the little bloating I experienced to begin with. Be comfortable! It is top priority!
  • A few years back, I happened to be in a place financially that I decided to splurge. I bought myself a pair of Christian Louboutin’s. They look amazing! I absolutely love seeing them on my feet! I have a pretty good foot, so putting them on makes me LOOK GOOD! However, they are not the most comfortable of shoes! I was not too surprised by that…but then again, I was…I wanted to slip those shoes on and live a night out on the town! I share this to say…depending on the event, be smart about your choices. I have been in places where the shoes look good for a while, but then, what do you do when there are still hours to go and you can no longer walk appropriately? I have learned the hard lesson over the years….think about the whole night as you prepare for your outing! You will thank yourself later!

I have had to learn a lot about style over the years. Coming for a small town in north Iowa, this was not something we really worried about. And, when it is degrees below zero in the winter…who really cares about how you look as long as you can be warm! I have watched, listened, and done a lot of my own research on what works for me…and what doesn’t work for many situations. I encourage you all to do the same! Maybe you are gifted with this knowledge, but I know, as women, we tend to worry and second guess ourselves, especially when it comes to our looks. Take the time to research. Watch the people around you. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Because style is your business card in so many situations…you always want to leave the best first impression you can! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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