Aging Gracefully!

I launched my side business in May of 2022. This was a BIG goal for me, and it took quite a bit of work to get prepared for the launch. Of course, if you know me by now, I like sparkle, so I did my launch as if I were a cast member of Sex and the City…with a sparkly party for my closet friends and colleagues! It was perfect…and I did get my first paying client from the party, so I would say, it was pretty successful!

Preparations for the event started back at the beginning of April…and even farther back with my coaching certification, preparing my social media, etc…needless to say, I have been pretty busy! I love it…and I wouldn’t change it! It truly is my passion project in life and I am 100% sure it will be my full time business by June of 2023! Having said that, right now, I am hustling…and spending a good bit of time both at work (as we are preparing to open the new school year) and after hours work (I would estimate 10-15 hours per week) making all of the things happen! I have been here before, but I also am a realist and I know something has to give!

So…it is paining my heart to share that I am not getting the same workouts in as I was before. No, I am not. I have reasoned with myself that 3 workouts per week will keep me going, but at 51, as I have shared before, my body changes quick. I am not worried about gaining weight so much as losing muscle mass AND lowering my ability to fight anything that comes my way. I am talking viruses, infections, other illnesses, and stress. I have always been what my friends call a “freak of nature” when it comes to these things, and getting ready to go back to school and all of the germs that come with it…I vowed to myself this morning on my 3 mile run, I need to balance it out again.

As we all know, as we age we lose 3-5% of our muscle mass each decade beginning at the age of 30. For women, this can be intensified by menopause, resulting in faster loss, more fat gain, and due to hormonal changes, loss in bone density as well. Yikes! Not great news! And, if we don’t stay active, this will be accelerated causing loss more intense than on average.

I am planning to get myself back on track beginning today. Here is my plan…maybe something you can use!

  • 4-5 days per week of at least 45 minutes of exercise. This exercise is more than just walking the dog, which is 30 minutes daily. This needs to be either aerobic or anaerobic exercise with my heart rate at least 150 or higher. I am planning 2 days of cardio, 2 days with cardio and weights, and if I can get to the 5th day, a bonus of abs, Pilates, or something fun that I enjoy!
  • Continuing to watch my eating habits is always key, but during back to school time, it is easy to eat and get off track. Teachers like to eat! And, principals like to provide awesome breakfasts, lunches, and snacks during those long staff development days! Focusing on more protein and less refined and processed foods is key. I only shop the perimeter of the grocery store and I just don’t buy those things that will tempt me on a daily basis. But, as I say often, when you restrict yourself completely, it will cause a person to focus on that restriction, so I do allow the occasional splurge! I find that this keeps me satisfied and on track!
  • Water! I heard a friend of mine say, “I don’t like water”…to which I say….”WHAT?????” How does one not like water???? But, anyway, I am not here to judge….but I do believe that water is extremely necessary! Not flavored water, not colored water…just water! It cleans our systems out and keeps us hydrated! I start my day with 4 8 oz servings with my supplements and breakfast. Then I do 4 more servings throughout the work day. And, if not a work out day, 4 to 5 more in the evening. I add 2 additional servings (one regular size bottled water) for each 30 minutes I work out. I do use the restroom often, but it keeps me on track for a healthy lifestyle.

I will continue to monitor and track my workouts during the upcoming months, as if I am making dates with myself…committed to ensuring that this part of my life continues to be a priority. Again, this is not for a vanity reason…I am not necessarily looking to lose weight, although I anticipate that I could shed a pound or two…or if nothing else, tone up in some areas. This is more about having a healthy life. I don’t want to find myself on a continuous rollercoaster of illnesses as the new school year starts or as the weather begins to change…or just as I continue to work hard on both my day job and my side hustle, putting my body at more risk to get tired and shut down. I encourage you to think about your daily habits, where you are on your health journey, and see if this is a time to recommit to making exercising and healthy habits a priority for you! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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