Don’t Be Afraid of Your Story…It Will Inspire Others!

Hey y’all! I came across this quote today and it could not be more timely! As with most strong women, we did not get to where we are by coasting along and letting life just happen to us! And most of us have weathered a few storms along the way! I believe it is time to use our stories to help others. Listening to how others have handled similar situations could absolutely be the inspiration another needs to keep going in life!

As I have been making my transition to the coaching and consulting world, I have learned that there are two main things that make others want to work with you…they must KNOW and TRUST you. I have always been a pretty private person and learning to share parts of my own life with my followers has been an adjustment. Here is what I have been doing.

  • Giving my followers small glimpses of my personal world. I need them to see that I am human and really do exist. Posting my own pictures was challenging for me at first, but then I realized that my followers do not follow me because of how I look…it’s about how I can help them. And they need to know I am real in order to trust that I can help them.
  • Sharing pieces of advice on my social media has given my clients opportunities to understand what I stand for…and I truly use what I share in my own life. I want to as authentic as I can, while still keeping the vibe as positive as possible!
  • Within my blog, YouTube, and other writings I have completed, I share some of what I have overcome in order to get where I am now. It was not an easy road, and this is an area I do keep private…but I know, if someone learned about what I have done to get here, it would definitely inspire them to keep on keeping on! Stay tuned for more on this, as I continue to work on this area!

I believe that it is ok to share your story. You may need to filter some of the information for fear of hurting others, etc, but getting your message out there about why you are doing what you are doing….and getting your clients to know that you were able to overcome exactly what they are going through is important! They need to trust that you can help them…and what better way than to let them know you have been right where they are and made it through to the other side!

So, as I continue my transition, I will continue to keep this quote visible to myself each day and remember, sharing our story just might be the thing someone needs to get through this thing called life! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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