Healthy Living = Healthy Life!

Hey y’all! As I have moved into the coaching and consulting world, I have found that there are so many people who need a little nudge when it comes to healthy living! I was just having a conversation with a close friend the other day and the whole time he was telling me about the numerous new medications that he is being required to take, I kept thinking, if you would only just take that first step toward healthy living…most of these problems would be solved!

Last summer, I had a close friend’s spouse pass away. I knew them a long time and knew their lifestyle…not to say that this was the cause, but I am sure there were contributing factors. Now, I am not a young little thing anymore, and this really hit me hard. Not just because I lost a friend, but because I have to start thinking about my own health and wellness. And, if we neglect this area in our lives, we are destined to suffer…either illness that require tons of medications or worse…loss of life!

So, how do we make a change and get on a path of healthy living…especially when we have gotten so far off for such a long period of time? Well, I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, nor a personal trainer…but I can tell you what I find to be a few easy steps that can begin your path to a healthy life!

  • Reflect on your eating habits. Do you eat to meet emotional needs? Do you have any kind of routine when it comes to eating? Do you plan your meals each week? I have never been one of those people that eat just to enjoy…but I have also never been a person who tends to diet. I plan out my week ahead of time, head to the grocery store (and if I can successfully grocery shop and eat somewhat healthy, believe me, anyone can!), and try to eat to fuel my body. No one…and I mean no one, likes the feeling of eating everything in site after the fact! No one likes the bloating, stomach pain, lethargy, etc….it is definitely miserable. If you are thinking of making a change in this area, I recommend looking at one adjustment that you know you can accomplish…making it very attainable. Put that in place and see if you feel a difference!
  • Movement! Do you get out and move each day? I am a runner and love the feeling I get after accomplishing a run…whether fast, slow, long, or short. But….you don’t have to run to move! Walking (at a reasonable pace) is better than nothing. Many people I speak with who tell me, and I quote, “I am just so tired by the end of the day.” or, “I am just too busy and tired to get up any earlier to get some movement in.” I understand! My job definitely keeps me busy…and adding this passion project to the list, yikes…my time is very limited and I go to bed TIRED! But, I will also be the first to say, and this sounds weird, when you add movement in your life, it seems that you actually feel less tired once it becomes a habit! I know, weird, right? Here is the thing…you don’t have to run a marathon next week! Just think about a small change you could put into your life in the area of movement…something attainable, and see how you feel!
  • Sleep….and I truly am NO authority on this one! Sleep is just as important to healthy living as the above. What are your sleep patterns and habits? Do you make rest and sleep a priority in your life? I have never been a good sleeper…and most nights I do not sleep the entire night…but, I know the importance of resting. Your body needs it! It’s like that saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup…you cannot be your best with a tired body. I try to set a specific bed time each night, turn off devices at a specific time, avoid certain foods and drinks within hours of bedtime, and keep the room dark. These things definitely help me! What is an adjustment here you could make to help you get a good night’s rest each, or at least most, nights?

Changes do not happen overnight…and we need to remember that. If you are planning small adjustments to your lifestyle to ensure healthy living for you, remember, it takes about 4 weeks for something to become a habit. And that is only when done consistently. And, small adjustments over time tend to produce the best results. Don’t be that person who thinks they really can run a marathon (26.2 miles in case you don’t know) overnight…that is never a good decision. I know that if you focus on these things, you can also see yourself improve your health habits and live a long, productive life! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

2 responses to “Healthy Living = Healthy Life!”

  1. Good points about eating habits, exercise and sleeping. It can be easy to neglect these tasks as they are responsible for energy and how well we function. Thank you for sharing, Cherri!


    1. Thanks for the feedback! You are welcome!

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