Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.

Hey y’all! Wow! What a fantastic thought! I don’t know about you, but I am truly a dreamer. Growing up, I knew I was going to do big things in life…and had dreams of living a very fabulous, glamorous life! Well…the life of a public school educator is pretty fabulous, but the glamorous part is still waiting to kick in! Haha!

When people have life long dreams, many times they are never fulfilled because they are just that…dreams. And many do not even know how to get started. If we shift our thinking, however, and begin to approach the real dreams we have as goals with a plan, so many more dreams would be fulfilled! Just think about what kind of impact this could have on the world!

I work with my clients on goal setting…and one big part of the program is creating the action plan. Creating small steps, that are truly attainable, is very important when pursuing big dreams and goals! Of course, we also must include celebrations along the way…to keep us all motivated to keep going when the plan gets tough!

I challenge you to rethink how you approach your dreams…and make plans to accomplish them. I know that by doing so, you will be able to design the life you always knew you were meant to live! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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