The Journey of a Positive Self Image

Hey y’all! This week, I am focusing on self image and believing that we all have gifts to offer the world…and learning how to feel comfortable in our own skin. So many women that I encounter on a daily basis have difficulties with this. Sometimes it’s because someone has done them wrong to a level that has caused them to believe they are not worthy, nor have anything to give to the world. Sometimes it is connected to our upbringing…childhood situations (notice I didn’t just say trauma) may lead us to believing that we are flawed to a level that makes us unworthy. So many different reasons for these feelings…and it is affecting women to a point where they do not believe they can design a life they dream of living.

I was a very shy child….mainly because I just wanted to blend in and not bring any more drama to my world. Unfortunately, there was quit a bit of it and growing up in a small town, everyone knows everyone’s business. I actually got to a point where I would almost make myself ill if I had to speak in front of others, read in front of others, share in front of others. Fearful that I would not be viewed as perfect and made fun of. It was a traumatic childhood for me, and I tried my best to just “blend”….so others wouldn’t know of my fear or feel sorry for me.

When I relocated to Houston after college, I was ready to make a shift in my own self as well. I did not enjoy being the way I was, and I knew if I were to really make an impact on the world, I would have to get over my fears. And, I had to learn to believe in myself. This wasn’t an easy task…and I did not seek out help…it was the 90s and no one looked for help from the outside, as that would be considered weak!

As I work with women in my coaching and consulting, I use the same strategies and skills that I used to help them find the good in themselves…to see themselves in a more positive light. And, we focus on baby steps….because no one makes major change such as this overnight. As I focus my business a bit more (yes, still learning the best ways to support my clients), I have found that if I have a theme for the week, I can be much more organized and clear on my support for you. Please feel free to check out my YouTube episode for this week (episode 11) that will drop on Tuesday, July 5, for some strategies that you can definitely use immediately to help you on your path to believing in yourself! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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