It’s Okay to be Scared. Being Scared Means You’re About to do Something Really Brave.

Fear is a scary thing! And, so many times, the fear we feel is exaggerated by our own thoughts!

I had to recently think about this quite a bit as I was making decisions about what I want to look like in my second half! I spent so many years living in a box…the box of getting up each day, driving to work (anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes), working for someone who made the rules, driving back home (another 15 to 45 minutes), cramming a workout and time with my family into my 2-3 hours before bed (and most nights I would end up completely exhausted by that bedtime), go to bed…only to wake up and do it all over again! Yes, I had some time off from work to relax, but I used this time to do the things necessary for life…appointments, work/repairs around the house, and maybe a minute or two to spend with friends. And what I realized was that I was not living the life I wanted for me! But, change is terrifying!

So, I did what any other normal (what is normal anyway) person would do, I had to have a little pep talk with myself. This quote has definitely been one of those phrases I had to keep repeating to myself through it all. I finally realized that life is just scary…period! And, if I stay right where I am, will I come to the end with regrets of not trying something new…and that caused fear. Or, if I do branch out, what would this new life look like…so much different than the structure of my career in public education…also terrifying! I just had to choose my scary, right?

But, what if the quote is right? What if when you do encounter a scary decision in life…and make a decision about it, one way or the other, it leads you to amazing changes! What if it leads you to the most success you have ever had? And, what if it leads you to a life where you have NO regrets?

So, my friends…I say no matter what life throws at you, be brave! Don’t take the easy road…take the one that you feel is right for you! Live the life you have always dreamed about! How awesome would that be!!!!! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

Throughout my many years, I have had several opportunities to reinvent my life. Sometimes on purpose, and sometimes because life just has that funny way of hitting us when we least expect it! A Girl and Her Dog Coaching services are here to support you as you work through finding what you desire in life, and learning how to go get it! If you would like more information or are ready to begin working with us at a deeper level, click the link below! I look forward to our journey together!

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