Your Inner Circle…and Your Outer Circle!

Today was a great day! I got to spend a minute seeing some of my oldest and dearest friends! These ladies looked great…as we have all grown older these days! These ladies are people I can walk in a room with and feel like I have not missed a minute with them! If you are reading this, you know who you are!!!!

It’s funny…I was actually out running the other morning and thinking about my friends! As any of you know as runners in the Houston summer heat…you have to get your mind on something else! Well, yesterday I put my thoughts on my friends. I was a transplant…which means that I left my family and friends from my childhood and went somewhere totally new, away from every one I knew, to begin my adult life and my career. As a teacher, and very people-y type of people, we find each other quickly and get close even quicker…especially when you are a transplant! I love my friends that quickly became my family!

These friends also became my network in my educational journey! I went from classroom teacher to campus administrator with many of them right by my side! I can meet up with them, share anything that is stressing me in my career and get the BEST advice!! And, they understand my overwhelming number of hours spent on work, when may be not everyone else in my life does not! They are truly my rock, my ride or dies, my FAMILY!

As I transition into my new life…a new relationship, a career change, just about everything I have done up to the age of 51 differently…how do my friends fit? This is something I think about daily. They know me as “the principal”… they know me as “the mom”…they know me as “the divorced woman”. Will they know me as the Online Entrepreneur? Will they know me as “the business woman” that I am destined to be?

I learned many, many years ago, people definitely come into your life for a reason or a season. I have a friend that I got very close with during my divorce…she supported me and my really bad decisions during that time…and although we catch up every once in a while, we do not see each other daily nor do we feel the need to connect each and every day. She was brought to me for a reason during a specific season in my life. Now, on the other hand, I have one very dear, dear friend that was by myside pre-divorce, during the separation, and continues to be one of my closest friends….she was brought into my world for a reason…but she is here to stay for sure!

So, as we think about our friends, and who is in our inner and outer circles, here are my thoughts:

  • Sometimes there are people who come into your world to support you through a difficult time. They are there for every step of the way, but when it is all over and you feel back on your feet, their friendship begins to fade. This does not mean that they were not a great friend…quite the opposite! You needed them…and maybe they needed you to need them! And, once you were back on your feet, their work was done! Embrace these friends! Don’t let them completely fade out of your world as they were very important to you at some point! I recommend contacting them today and tell them how important they have been to you!
  • Sometimes there are people that show up in your life, for a reason you have no idea about, and they become one of those people you find you need more than you ever thought! These are your go-to’s! They are there when you need a friend, they are there when you need advice…and hopefully in return, you provide the same support! These are not your every day conversations, but when one of you need each other, they are there!
  • Sometimes you find those that have all of the drive and ambition you have…and they are your network of people! They have a similar work situation as you…and they can not only recommend and support you, but you can do the exact same for them! They are your crew and you know you need to appreciate them every day…as work may not get done without them!
  • And, sometimes, if you are very lucky…you find your true family! Your chosen people you surround yourself with that are more to you than they will ever know! You grow together, learn together, and find yourselves together! Not every one finds this! Only the lucky ones! I know, as I found this in my crew long ago…and when I walk in a room 2o something years later, they are still there for me…smiling…asking questions…wondering how life is going…and always there as a support! These are the people you will love forever and never stop calling “family”!

As you work through your upcoming week, think about your inner and outer circle. Remember to always be sure they know who they are…how much your appreciate them…and do onto them exactly what you would want them to do for you! I know I could not have made my journey through my adult life in the way I have without anyone of the people in my circles! Thank you for all you do! Until next time! ❤️Cheri

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