When to Take Small Steps…and Big Leaps!

Hey everyone! Well, it definitely is summer here in Houston! I was out for a run today and it was HOT! I plan to run a 5k on July 4, so I am working to get myself ready so I am not the last one to cross the line…but today’s run was ugly! I am guessing I need to make some better choices on timing so I am not out there in the over 100 degree feel like temps!

But, running is always my think time…it gives me time to sweat out the impurities and breath in new air…and process through things that are on my mind. I definitely needed this time today, as my life has gotten a bit complicated lately…all good, but just a bit messy. On the run, I started thinking about my next steps in my career. As you know, A Girl and Her Dog launched its first course last month and I have a customer! Yay! I keep telling myself to expect small steps that will eventually lead to success. But, as I was thinking today, when is it time to take a big leap? There was actually a point in my life that I embraced the motto…go big or go home…and that is all I did!

So, back to reality and thinking about these big leaps…how, in the world of business and change, do you know when it is the time to take bigger steps? Every business is unique and in the world today, there is so many pieces of uncertainty, it is wise to take bigger action? But, if we don’t go out and make big moves, will we always stay small? These are the thoughts that are constantly running through my mind…knowing that I have a plan in my head, a vision for what my business will be, and goals set to meet…am I ready to take big leaps????

Well, here is the outcome of my thoughts…I am going for it! Now, I will stay smart…but I have lived my life in a box for so many years…it is time for me to step out of that box and share my knowledge and experiences with others! And, hoping to help anyone who works with me find that my support will help them design the life they dream to live!

Stay tuned for more! I am excited to keep you all posted as I embark on these big leaps! Cheri❤️

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