Social Media is GREAT…Until You Have to Show UP!

So, if you have been following my blog, you all know I recently “launched” my business! And, with it, my first paid course. Now, in my mind, the whole “launch” would be very Sex and the City like…with the party, the people, and the (social) media! And, I am proud to say…the party was perfect, the people showed up, and yes, the social media posts received a lot of traffic! Social media is GREAT!

As the weeks have gone by since the launch, I have been learning and growing, and finding out that most of my more popular posts are the ones with me in the photos. Ugh! Until recently, I really have not been the type of person who likes their photo taken, let alone video and multiple photos posted for the world to see! Social media is GREAT…until you have to show up!

As I am also learning, in person networking, although starting to make a come back since the pandemic, is not the most effective way these days to get your name out there, especially if you are an online business. And, TV and advertisements in magazines and newspapers are definitely a thing of the past. So, this old girl will need to adjust with the times and begin launching into new areas. But what about my anxiety with my picture being taken…although I did sign up for an online business, right? Let me share some ways I am learning to overcome my fear of social media posting and getting my name out there!

  • I have learned that my picture is not the worst…and how to focus on the right angles when taking pictures is very helpful! I recently posted a live video on Facebook from my phone. I am not sure what I was doing, but you can clearly see that the angle of the camera was the worst! I came up from the bottom, which I have learned, you must take the photo with the angle at the top. A little adjustment, but it sure did make a difference!
  • I am one to certainly look the part when I am at my day job, but once I would get home, I would quickly change into something much more comfortable. Well, this was a lesson learned as well. When you are going live, if you are speaking about supporting women and all the things, including dressing for success, you can’t just wear any old thing. I have learned that when taking pictures and making videos, I want to show up as my best self! I plan out my clothes and take the pictures or videos before getting comfy in the evening!
  • It is not only about what you wear, but how you wear it! I called my daughter after a live video one day, laughing. She could hardly understand me, as I was laughing at myself so hard! I had to retake my live video that day because after posting it and watching it, I saw that half of my chest was hanging out of my shirt! Yikes! Don’t need to give anyone a peep show! Now, I am sure I am seated appropriately and that my clothes are not hanging in a strange, revealing way! And, definitely preview before posting!
  • My voice…since I was a kid I have always thought it sounded bad. I think we all do…when we first hear our own voice, we tend to judge it a bit too harshly! I was always too worried that I sounded too much like my mother…long story…and so I had to learn to accept it for what it is. As a teacher and now a campus administrator, I speak publicly often…but I don’t usually hear my voice recording back. This has been a thing to get used to…but I have learned, we all have something about ourselves we wish was different and can’t change. If I wait until I love the sound of my own voice, I may never get started to begin with…so I am learning to accept those things I cannot change!

There are many positives to this whole social media marketing as well! I know that it is certainly a great, free way to get attention to my blog and business! And, many opportunities to see how others handle some of the same hurdles that I have getting my business off the ground! So, I am working on reframing my mindset around this whole social media advertising…Social Media is GREAT! And that is my new mantra! Until next time! Cheri ❤️

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