Learning and Evolving!

Hey y’all! It has been a minute since I have had time to write, but here I am! Back at it! Let me tell you, for sure, so many great things have been happening! If you follow me on social media, you have seen all the things!

These last couple of months have been a lot of learning, a lot of stepping out of the box, and lot of new things! I launched my first course! Yay! I also have links to my coaching services! It is a lot of remembering to take baby steps…especially for this ADHD girl who wants it all to happen now! In addition, I have started working on a few other projects that will be launched soon. So more info to come!

I have been thinking about starting a podcast, but wanted to see what would happen with video blogging. So, I now have a You Tube channel. It is a bit slow, as I know people love passive listening, rather than active…but I am wanting to give it a shot! You can definitely find the link for the channel below as well!

So, just a quick note today to update y’all! I will include all links to everything below! Come check me out! And, above all else, don’t hesitate to share feedback or ways I can help you be the best you! Cheri ❤️

You Tube – Cheri@agirlandherdog


Facebook – A Girl and Her Dog


Instagram – @agirlandherdog19


Courses and Coaching


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