They Call Me…Coach!

One of my fondest childhood memories was when I was on the 8th grade girls track team. Back then, I was small and quick (not the fastest, but not the slowest either). I loved to run even back then…but what made this experience so memorable was my coach. He was also one of our classroom teachers and he had a special gift for encouraging you, even when your day was just not your best. He has now since passed on, due to cancer, but I will never forget him and how he made me feel that I could do anything….even when maybe I couldn’t!

While in college, I had opportunities to coach little league teams, and once had the chance to lead my adult softball team…which I LOVED both experiences! With the little kids, everything I taught them was new. To see their eyes light up when they realized they could do something they did not think was possible was the BEST! With my adult team, motivating them to show up and do their best…and then be proud of themselves was my goal! I had a BLAST!

As a mom, years later, I had the greatest coaching job of all! I got to co-coach my daughter’s cheerleading team! I have never cheered a day in my life, but I was honored to be able to teach my own child how to believe in herself and have fun with a physical activity she enjoyed. We had the greatest time!

There are many amazing coaches out there in the world. I am a college basketball fan, and immediately think about the great John Wooden…which I’ve used a lot of his philosophies through the years as a school leader. He believed in hard work and respect. And, if you worked hard and showed respect, he did all he could to ensure you were successful. He even got his players that sat out of most games to learn that they had just as important of a job on the team as the starters did, as without them, the starters wouldn’t have great players to practice with which bettered their skill.

As a school leader, coaching my staff to be their best is one of my favorite parts of the job! I get the awesome responsibility to mold my team, to encourage them to believe in themselves and never give up, and to learn that working smarter and not necessarily harder, is the best way to accomplish any goal. Seeing them grow and flourish with our students is one of the greatest gifts I can ever receive!

As I have been working through my “mid-life” crisis…I mean transformation, it makes sense that I want to continue to have an impact on the world, by helping others be their absolute best! And, as a strong woman who has conquered many obstacles in life, focusing on women also seems to be the path for me, So, I am very excited to announce….once again, THEY CALL ME COACH!

I finished my life coaching certification in March and I am working diligently on my launch! I cannot wait to work with and help women find their true passions, accept who they are, and live the life they dream about! I am currently working to add health and wellness coaching so that I can truly make an impact for these women! Look out world, here we come!

Learning new skills and taking a new path can be scary, but knowing that I have the skills to do the work, the passion to help others, and the ambition to do my very best for others, I know A Re-Invention with A Girl and Her Dog will be a coaching and consulting business that will thrive in the near future! Stay tuned for more information coming very soon! ❤️Cheri

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