A Girl and Her Dog…and a Boy!

It’s the second Saturday of Spring Break…which means it is almost over! I am not ready to go back to reality of the daily grind, but I have to say…this was one of my best Spring Breaks EVER! And, as you can see…we added a new member to our crew!

8 years ago, I met the love of my life. I actually had him come to a house I was redoing to quote me a price on a fence for my dogs. The minute I met him, I knew…he was the one. At the time, however, I was still working through the healing process of my divorce, and I just couldn’t give all of me to the relationship. I relocated back to Houston and we tried the long distance thing, but he still had young children at home, I had a busy job….and long distance is HARD! But, his parting words were…give me 5 years…I will be back.

It was a beautiful October day in Houston and I was out in the yard working on the landscaping and a received a very random text message from a number in Iowa, but I did not recognize it. It only said…Glover. This was a street we had lived on in Des Moines, but my mind took a minute to put the connection together. But…he was back! How does that happen???? It’s like my own Hallmark movie! We have been talking, visiting as we can, and building a life together ever since! It is like we did not skip a beat!

Spring Break was amazing! He made his first drive to Houston (through snow, ice, rain, wind…I think he experienced all 4 seasons during the 16 hour trip!). We spent time doing some of our favorite things…rodeo, crawfish, time with friends, NCAA tournament games, St. Patrick’s Day…everything we wanted to do! But more importantly, we spent LIFE together! No interruptions, no work, just time to reconnect and really plan our future life together!

Reflecting on the week, here is what I have learned:

  • Life has a funny way of surprising you! I had resolved to believe that I was going to navigate through the rest of my years alone. I was completely fine with this, as it was the new reality for me. So, when they say “love finds you when you are not looking for it”, that is ABSOLUTELY true!
  • People change over the years, but when you find a love that is strong…the kind that the person is your soulmate, your best friend…that doesn’t change! I ran from it back then, as I was not ready to commit to anything…but the feelings have never changed. If anything, it just made them stronger! It made us both realize that this is exactly what we want!
  • Spending 24 hours a day with another person when you are used to living alone can be a bit challenging. Yes…I followed him around the house and turned lights off or picked up things he left laying around. But, when I look back on it all, we are ALL flawed in the world…including me…and if these things are his biggest flaws…I will take it! He has only been gone 12 hours and I am missing him like crazy!
  • And finally, when you go through a very hard situation (like a divorce) and you feel like you may never find love again….I am here to tell you…it is out there! I tried to forget him over the past 5 years…tried to move on…and finally felt that I just couldn’t find a better fit…again, why I was just fine with being alone. But, patience and understanding….along with taking care of yourself so you can be your best in a relationship got me right where I needed to be when he came back! You can do it too!

He will be back in about in about 10 weeks…I will go up there this summer…and then we can start our life together this fall! I do still ask myself if I am dreaming! And if it is a dream, I don’t want to wake up! Even Oakley has welcomed him back and shared his mama with him! That says a lot! In the meantime, I hope you all find exactly what you are looking for….and can continue to enjoy whatever life you have created! I consider myself lucky…and looking forward to what is next for A Girl and Her Dog…and a Boy! Until next time!

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