My Happy Dog!

Oakley became my new best friend of July 2011. I met him after seeing an ad on craig’s list. I had been looking for my next dog after losing my beloved black lab earlier in 2011, and thought that I had decided on a pair of pitbulls (a brother and sister) that were playful and loving. But, once I met this guy, I knew we had chosen each other!

He was far inside the kennel all of the puppies were in, laying cuddled up all alone. When he saw me, he got right up, walked out of the kennel and into my arms. He nestled his head into my chest as I held him close and that was the moment I knew we belonged together.

At that time, I was still processing my divorce and how to live a single life. Raising him definitely gave me the distraction I needed at the time. He is part lab, so if you know anything about that breed, you know they will give you hell until they are about 3 years old…and he was not the exception to this rule! His other half, the pitbull, however, made him one of the most loyal dogs I have ever met. And smart! This guy is truly a genius among dogs! And, after all of these years, I still find myself looking at him while he cuddles me on the couch, wondering how I got so lucky to have this guy as my BFF, my loyal partner!

Over the past 10, almost 11, years, I really can say I have learned to read him well. And, I can definitely know when he is communicating to me his happiness! Not only are these my thoughts, but upon doing my research, it is confirmed that dogs will communicate their love and happiness to their owners in many ways. Here are a few I get from Oakley…

  • He is excited to see me when I get home. He is always waiting at the door, wagging his tail. And, when I walk in, he is there to nestle his head against my leg. Of course, I joke with him that he’s really just excited to eat or go outside once I get there, but in all sincerity, I know he wants me there with him.
  • He follows me around the house. He wants to be right there by my side. Even if we have company! He needs his first few minutes to check the visitor out and then he comes right back to me. Not only is he there beside me, but wagging his tail and looks as if he is smiling…telling the world, “Look…Here I am right here with my mama!”
  • On our daily walks, he can be seen walking proudly, with his head held high, again with that smile on his face. He isn’t hesitant to prance along, sniffing all of the smells out in nature!
  • But, I think the most telling moments are when I know he is comfortable and happy enough to curl up and sleep or cuddle throughout the day. It’s as if he is saying, “This home is the greatest place on earth! I live here! How lucky am I?”

Many will say I spoil this big guy, and I won’t deny that for sure! I want him to live his best life! But, he in turn has spoiled me! Life is hard and there have been days where I struggled. Not only have I created a happy life for him, he has helped me get back to a place of happy once again!

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog! Until next time!

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