And Just Like That…

From the first time I saw it, Sex and the City was one of my favorite series of all time (of course, it runs close with Friends, but I am one of the original Gen Xers!). I have seen the series several times and will even find myself finding an episode in the middle of the night when stress gets me and I need the noise of the tv to get myself back to sleep! I am completely hooked!

So, it should surprise no one that the “new” Sex and the City is also one of my new favs! Most of the characters are back and I am THRILLED to continue to follow the life of my girl, Carrie Bradshaw! And yes, it definitely is one of those series that I can forget about real life for a minute and live vicariously through my favorite cast! And congratulations to them all…they have done a FABULOUS job of depicting the aging woman with grace AND tackle living in the real world of 2022! Let me tell you what I love about this “new” Sex and the City!

  • Great job, Cynthia Nixon! I love that you have embraced your natural hair! It takes a lot for a middle aged woman to feel comfortable in their own skin, especially when everything changes, and I believe she has done so with grace! Society can make decisions like these hard, but she definitely needs to be recognized for not being afraid to show the beauty of a middle aged woman!
  • Kristin Davis has clearly aged…and good for her! She looks amazing! People have commented on her “pear-shaped body” and other things about her and how she has aged. But, I say, keep doing what you do! You look great and really, who cares what society thinks!
  • Well, Carrie…Sarah Jessica Parker…just looks amazing as an aging woman as well! I love the fact that she can still rock a fantastic outfit! Kuddos to her for continuing to make Carrie the girl we all love and want to grow up to be one day!

The world is truly a different place in 2022 than it has been in the past. I think about myself as a child, as a teenager, and as a young adult….completely different issues in the world, completely different things to worry about…and as a mom of a now 31 year old, completely different growing pains when it comes to raising children. I think this new series has done a great job of shedding light on how women of an older generation are learning about new world issues and figuring out how to navigate through. We are going to make mistakes and sometimes may take a minute to digest and understand new ways of thinking…but as I enjoy my weekly And Just Like That fix, I applaud the whole team on how they are portraying how we all might handle these things!

I share this to say, I love the new series! It is about real life issues that these ladies have found a way to address in a world that is ever changing and dealing with new and unprecedented times. In addition, it gives all of us 50 somethings a little nostalgia to cling to when our own lives are changing and we just need a break! I think it is a GREAT reminder to us all, live your life as YOU find is best! Embrace the aging process…don’t shy away from it! And stay a strong woman! We got this! I hope you have a chance to check it out soon! Until next time, y’all!

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