Let’s Reflect on 2021

Wow! 2021 is over! I have heard from many different people that it has been one of the toughest years yet! I had brunch with my daughter this morning, and we talked about just this…the pros and cons in the world of 2021. Of course, as educators, we both have educating children after the pandemic as one of the biggest hurdles that anyone can experience right now. But then we talked about things like the housing market, the job market, and inflation. No wonder more people are drinking these days!

When she was a child, I often required us to end our day with sharing one negative thing that happened and one positive thing that happened to us before we went to sleep. We did the same today as we reflected on our own experiences throughout 2021. I can definitely say, for both of us, the positives outweigh the negative. We have worked hard, taken care of our own health, and made good “adult” choices throughout the year.

Here are a few highlights of my accomplishments that took place this year.

  • I decided to build my “dream home” this year. On January 5, 2021, I put my earnest money down and began the build of my home, as a single woman. I was very proud of the fact that I could get to this level after going through a divorce and at times, feeling like I would never get to this point again. I successfully closed in July and am comfortable in my new home 6 months later!
  • In 2021, I started my blog, A Girl and Her Dog! Although I have spent a lot of time learning, consistently posting, inconsistently posting, knowing exactly what I want to write about…and experiencing that ever dreaded “writer’s block”. However, I have learned so much over the year, and I am ready to take this blog to the next level. I am planning to connect this blog to my next big adventure, home staging and decorating! And, so looking forward to that!
  • After my divorce, I have to tell you, I had a hard time. 2021 was finally my year to say, “I am ok with being single in a ‘couple based world’.” I also can say that I finally realized that just because I was involved in a broken marriage, it doesn’t define me….and I am proud to say that I feel I have invented the person I was born to be! Now, this may sound silly, but it led me to believe in myself again, and know that my possibilities in this world are endless! And, I am ready to live again!
  • You may remember that this year, I also made a commitment to myself to look for a more of a work/life balance! I don’t know if I did the best with this, but I do think I am making some progress! Well, part of this balance, in my opinion, also includes being open to possibilities. Dating is one of these areas for me that I will shy away from, and throw myself into my work…especially when I would get a little “too close” to someone, in fear of getting hurt. Well…without going into all of the details here (as that is for an entire post of its own), I opened myself up to the possibility of what “could be” and I am happy to report…I am in a committed relationship that I feel 100% comfortable in…and not afraid of getting too close!

I have also accomplished a few other things this year, and of course, experienced some setbacks! However, the thing that I had to focus on and change was staying focused on the positive…not dwelling on the negative. Yes, bad things happen every day to good people. And, in the past, I would be one of those people who would (quietly) continually dwell on the setbacks, living in a world of pessimism…not a fun place to be…not a productive way to live! Purposefully changing my mindset has made a huge difference for me! My confidence level is up and I know that I am ready to face it all…with a smile and confidence that I can accomplish anything!

I hope you also have time to reflect on the setbacks and, more importantly, your accomplishments of 2021. I am currently working on my 2022 goals and plans to achieve them in the new year. Good luck to you all! Cheers to great things in your future!

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