Dating in the Mid Life

Well, it happened…I went on a date this weekend. It was a great time. He made dinner reservations at a beautiful little restaurant, and we finished our night with a glass of wine. It was with someone I have known for a while, so it wasn’t awkward…because you know how first dates can be…and I would rate it a 9.5!

As the weekend progressed and I had some much needed down time (work definitely has been crazy), I began thinking about dating and relationships after 50. I will preface with, as I married my high school boyfriend, I did not experience adult dating back in the day…but I think I have truly made up for it since the divorce. But, it just seems a bit weird to me to say, I am dating, at 50. Especially when my friend texted today and said, “how’s your boyfriend”…see, strange.

Here are my thoughts…agree, disagree, but hear me out.

  • As a career-minded woman, how much time to you commit to dating (in general)? How much time to do you talk on the phone? Do you talk on the phone? Does texting count? Yes, I over think things often, but until you are in the situation, you don’t realize that this is actually something to think about. What is the right balance of work, life, and dating? I sometimes feel like I need a schedule to keep myself all on track!
  • Relationships…what are they supposed to lead to at this point? Am I planning to meet the love of my life? Or, am I looking for a great partner to spend my mid-life with? And, if you are both successful adults, set in your ways, how much compromise does it take?
  • I think back to when I married my husband. We were young and didn’t really have our own identities, so we created an identity together, as a couple. Whether that was the right or wrong way to do it, it worked out that way. Now, I have an identity…do I change that to become a couple again?
  • How fast do you move? Let’s face it, we aren’t getting younger. If I spend all of my time worrying about the things above, am I losing precious time with someone who may be the “one”…and when do you know that? Do you just wake up one day and realize it?
  • And…the million dollar question, will the overthinking of these things above ruin the relationship? You see, this is why I can only write about these things here and not actually discuss them with a potential partner…definitely a turn off!

I guess that although I am now 50, I still have no idea how to date and really commit to a relationship…so, for me, I am going to take it slow! I don’t have any of the answers above, but I do know I enjoyed my time out this weekend and could see more exciting adventures with him! Life sure is complicated sometimes…and who said adulting…especially in the mid-life…was easy! Until next time…stay tuned, my friends!

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