Free Therapy!

Well, it’s official! I am signed up to run my 11th half marathon! I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t get a spot, as I waited too long to register! It is the 50th year for the Houston Chevron Marathon/Half Marathon…but I wasn’t too late! Yay!

It’s still very hot out there! I took the couple of months off from running as I was preparing for the move…then hiring staff…and trying to prepare the school year, so I am back at it now. I am having to start a bit slow, but it is good! It is hot! I ran today, 90 degrees…feeling like over 100…by the time I went out, but it felt good!

As I run, I do a lot of reflecting. Today, I lost myself in my thoughts, which I do regularly. It helps me get out of my own head about running…like when they say, running these distances really isn’t about your body, but more about the mind…but anyway, as I was thinking, I realized that this really is my mental health time.

Think about what we have all endured over the past two years…we all need a little therapy, right? We all need to be able to exhaust our minds and bodies to a point where we can believe we can do hard things again, right? And, I have always said, I run to get rid of the stress and the crazy…what better time to begin a routine like that to help with this COVID crazy, right?

If I could give anyone advice right now, I would say it is never too late to start some kind of exercise routine! Running may or may not be for you, but any kind of exercise produces endorphins…the feel good hormones that make everyone feel a bit better about their lives. Plus, what better feeling than knowing you have completed a very hard workout that exhausts your body, pushes you to limits you never thought you could accomplish…what a rush! And, the best part is…it costs a whole lot less than therapy…right?

So, I challenge you all to give it a try! Set a goal to accomplish just two physical activities this week! Schedule your time…as you know, I book these appointments with myself…and get it done! I promise, after doing it for a month, you will definitely feel better about life…and find ways to control your stress! I cannot wait to hear how it goes! Stay tuned, my friends!

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