An Unmarried Woman

Wow! The house closing is done! It was a whirlwind of an event. Very last minute on many things…I didn’t get the final closing amount until the day before, had to rush to the bank to get the check, AND I was unexpectedly chosen to have my file audited at the last minute! I had to work my “Cheri Magic”…which translate to getting a little dramatic…but in the end, I closed on June 30 at 11:00 am, started moving my things from the rental at 5:30 pm, and successfully vacated the property by midnight! I certainly could not have done it without all of the fabulous people in my life….who endured a day of craziness with me and did not complain once! I am eternally grateful!

However, one very strange thing occurred during the process. Now, this is the first time I bought a home by myself. The last two homes I owned, I purchased jointly with my ex-husband…so maybe this is a thing I just didn’t know. I think it also shocked my realtor, so I feel it is something to share!

As I was reviewing the online paperwork the night before closing, I set myself up in my living room, surrounded by boxes and cuddled with my dog who, by the way, was over the top anxious as his world had been turned upside down. I did though, take my time to really look everything over and carefully read each page of the online document. And on the very first page, I discovered my surprise! Here is what it said…

Cheri D…, UNMARRIED WOMAN, will purchase the home at...”

Not only did I discover this phrase on the first page, but it was repeated several times throughout the document! What?????? I was instantly shocked that I had to have that title added to my home documents! Was it that important to point out more than 5 times that I was an unmarried woman???? And, when did that become a title appropriate for a strong, independent, very successful, single woman????? I felt like they wanted to be sure to make it clear that I was doing this, but don’t forget…she’s unmarried!

My realtor joked that maybe they were impressed that a single woman was able to afford the home alone…as she felt just as surprised as I was to see that phrase on my documents. And, at the end of the day, we are going to go with that!

I am sure there is a reason it was stated like that….I assume they want to document that there are no other owners or people being put on the mortgage. But, do they list unmarried man, if a man is purchasing a home alone? And, let’s just think about this more a moment….is this really a title that we want single women to have? You all know me well enough by now and you know, I am perfectly content with being a single woman! Yes, I do anticipate that one day, I will again be part of a relationship, and maybe even marry, but until that time comes, there certainly is NOTHING wrong with being an UNMARRIED WOMAN!

Ladies, remember, you choose your life…you choose if you want to partner up or not! Don’t let society make any of you feel that you are any less for being single! If I can share nothing else, I share…being single definitely doesn’t make you wrong or any less than anyone else!

So, this unmarried woman is currently enjoying a great glass of wine, in my beautiful new home, that I purchased on my own, with money I earned while working hard at my day job, which I have because I earned two degrees to meet the educational requirements, which I also paid for on my own! And, I wouldn’t want it any other way! I am proud of me…unmarried or not….

Stay tuned, my friends!

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